Our Guarantee 

Typically our projects will last for many years, click on
Must-See-Photos.  For the following 15 years you should at most need an occasional touch-up job.

Community Strength Painters Guarantees the workmanship and materials we provide for a minimum of 5 years.  If a customer has a problem after 5 years we encourage them to call us.  We know that some customers feel they do not want to bother us but we are in the best position to help solve paint problems and we hope you will call. We have sometimes corrected paint failures after 5 years even when it was not likely related to our workmanship.  The important thing is the problem is resolved. We can provide an additional list of folks who have called us back to fix a problem and you can talk with them about how we handled those situations. 

Community Strength Painters has been going full force in Bellingham since 1998 and we provide our customers with more than 250 local references.   We believe that a customer’s call for a bid should be returned within 24 hours, and more importantly, a call with a problem after we have left and have been fully paid should also be returned within 24 hours.  We know that when we resolve a problem promptly and fairly we will likely have a repeat and referral customer for many years.

Important reminder: Before anyone hires any contractor they should check references randomly from a list of many.
Ask for other company guarantees.

We Guarantee the labor and materials we provide for a minimum of 5 years.  Our Guarantee will commence on ________________________.  For the property located at _____________________________________________________ .  Please see the Proposal and Acceptance contract we have provided related to this project for the specific labor and materials agreement.  Be sure to have us sign this Guarantee when we have completed your project.

Our Guarantees are also transferable if you sell your property.


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Steven G. Pacheaco
President, CSPainting Inc.  
DBA  Community Strength Painters

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