Following is some food for thought when customers are renting or selling.  As a general rule, we do not paint many rentals or homes that will soon be sold.  Most customers who want to spruce up before they sell, some general contractors, and many landlords will often choose price over quality and may be willing to accept short-cuts to save money.  There are a number of ways a painting contractor can reduce the cost of a paint project without affecting the immediate appearance.  The short cuts may not be apparent for a few years but they will eventually become apparent.   

As a company policy we treat all of our jobs as if we are painting our own homes.  Strict adherence to this policy has worked very well for our company through the years. We also always provide the same written guarantee and our guarantees are all transferable to any future buyer.  If you would still like for us to bid on a rental or a house you plan to sell we ask that you consider the following as we have found that the number of our bids accepted is much lower for rentals and pre-sale paint jobs.

We spend several hours on each bid and we find that if we let our customers know up front that “When longevity is as important as price” we will be more than happy to spend the time preparing a bid for them.  Our rates are fair and competitive but we cannot compete with a contractor willing to take short cuts.

If you select our company to paint your house we recommend that you provide your potential buyers with a copy of our transferable guarantee, which can be found on our website.

We also recommend you provide potential buyers with the same list of over 250 local references that we include with each bid.  Most new buyers will very much appreciate knowing they are purchasing quality workmanship.

We understand everyone has unique circumstances and we know there are ample painters who will oblige most situations. 

Please have a look around our web site and let us know if you wish for us to move forward as we would be happy to provide you with a professional comprehensive bid.

Again, because of the low acceptance rate when we bid on rentals and pre-sale paint jobs, we wanted you to know about the issues we have had in the past before we prepare a detailed bid. 

Thank you for your consideration.